Nautilus Boutique Hotel
Santa Teresa, Costa Rica


Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Practices

In the interest of supporting a sustainable world, Nautilus Boutique Hotel & Olam Pure Food were built with a keen eye on protecting our natural resources and conserving energy and water. Recycling and composting are just a few ways we give back to Mother Earth and our rain water collection system works hand in hand with our water treatment plant, thus saving precious resources and preventing the pollution of our ground water. Organic, biodegradable cleaning products and energy saving lighting are also incorporated into our daily efforts to cherish our resources. Nautilus Boutique Hotel is a pioneer in sustainable stays here in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. We were the first hotel in the area to install a water treatment plant. Hidden away outside of our hotel gate is a grey water recycling system. We believe in enjoying and being surrounded by nature in this idyllic paradise but also ensuring continued nurturing of our delicate eco-system. None of our waste water pipes to the ocean. Instead, we filter, recycle and reuse our precious resources, protecting and respecting the natural beauty around us.

We've planted fruit trees throughout our property. They add enhanced beauty, shade and flora to our landscape. When in season we harvest our own organic fruit and use them in our restaurant, Olam Pure Food. Our guests can taste the difference! Grown from love, picked when ripe and featured in our cuisine, we are proud to offer the freshest organic ingredients grown right on sight! We also grow citronella and lemongrass around the property, creating an all-natural insect defense.

In addition we introduce sustainable living at Nautilus Boutique Hotel in the following ways:

  • Light construction.
  • We don't use to-go/disposable plastics & serve metal straws.
  • LED energy saving lights.
  • All cleaning, kitchen & bathroom products are biodegradable.
  • Use of organic, local produce in Olam Pure Food.
  • Organic minibar in every villa.