Nautilus Boutique Hotel
Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

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Effiji Breath Workshop


Do you want to :

  • Get connected to yourself?
  • Explore the inner world?
  • Release physical blocks?
  • Improve your clarity?
  • Gain energy?

Feel like you’ve hit the reset button on life…

Join us for this powerful practice!

June 26, 2017 - 11am
Nautilus Boutique Hotel


(75 meters east of Selina's Hostel, Santa Teresa, Costa Rica)

Cost : $25 USD

Effiji Breath Work is a therapeutic process that is meant to be used as a tool to access parts of oneself that aren’t apparent or easy to get to on the surface. It is an avenue to access the inner playground and feel into the deepest, most soulful and dynamic fibers of our being. Come and experience a way to tangibly feel your energy, discover blocks and patterns that lie in the body, and all the inner workings that need attention. Breath helps us to release the negative symptoms, restore proper alignment, and find the proper flow for living the most full and purposeful life.

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